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Hair Genetics

Hair Building Fibre Locking Spray

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Hair Genetics Hair Fibre Locking Spray is great for every type of hair. Designed to keep Hg hair Fibres in place for longer keeping your hair looking thicker and fuller. EASY TO USE, EASY TO TAKE OFF, forget about sticky hands, our misting spray nozzle makes applying our product an effortless and clean task.

You will feel fantastic after using our Hair Genetics Hair Fibre Locking Spray and fibres due to its amazing holding properties.
The spray penetrates through the hair and fixes the whole hair fibres.
Very pleasant odour formula, no nasty lingering smells
Great for professional hairdresser too, your customer will love it!
We are that passionate about making people happy and confident; you can try our product risk-free!

We recommend using with our Hair Genetics Hair Building Fibres for an even longer lasting hold.

Don't forget we also offer a refill pack to keep you fully stocked up for less!

Hair Building Fibre Locking SprayHair Building Fibre Locking Spray