Turning Thin Hair Thick In Under 30 Seconds

An Independently Verified Natural Solution That Helps Solve The Problem Of Male Hair Loss, Pattern Baldness And Fine, Thinning Hair –Without The Worry Of Side Effects, Medical Procedures Or The Embarrassment Of What Others Might Think!

Thinning Hair Seems To Be A Bigger Problem Than Ever Before

I don't know what its like for you but when I passed 28 I noticed my hair was starting to look thinner, I pushed the thought aside as I have always had good hair.

10 years later is when the actual bald spot appeared I am sure it was getting bigger and more noticeable whenever I looked in the mirror, this soon followed with the comments from the friends, my wife and kids.... I laughed them off  as long as I could until I ended up hiding it with hats just to save face.

The digs can really start to hurt,  you can't even answer back with anything.  My pride took a beating and my self-confidence started to slip away.

I was at one of the lowest points of my life and dreading the day when the Baldy! Slaphead! and Chrome Dome comments were going to start coming my way.

Perhaps You’ve Tried "Grow Your Hair Back" Ointments That Didn't Work

That dreaded feeling after you’ve gone out on a limb, bought the so called "Treatment", read and re-read the instructions, I mean c'mon you know this stuff isn't cheap and you want, no.... You need it to work!

You don't have to be embarrassed about it, we have all done it, been pushed to the brink and feeling of sheer helplessness that you are willing to try anything. 

3 months later, £100's down the drain and your hair is just the same as when you started.

Another broken promise, another useless product, I am not sure if at that point it was the disappointment in myself for being conned or that I faced reality and realized my hair was never going to grow back.

Possibly You Have Even Contemplated A Hair Transplant

After giving up on the hair growth treatments I looked into hair transplants, well they work right?

Well actually in most circumstances they don't, at least not for long anyway.  What I didn't realize going into this process is that hair transplants do not even work for everybody!

The people it does work for will only see between 10-80% of the planted hairs grow which can take as long as 4 months!

What makes this whole process worse is despite having to go through this whole treatment it still does not prevent the original cause of hair loss, so it will still thin out just as it did before the operation.

Then to top it off there's the cost...

£5000-£15000 per treatment!!!

With no guarantee it will even work...

Give You Fuller Thicker Hair in less than 30 seconds, without spending Out On "Miracle Cures" Or Using Any Harsh Chemicals

Finally Get Something That Actually Works!

This brand new ‘must have’ product has literally changed the way 1000's of happy customers live their lives! ! Using only natural ingredients, get a fuller thicker head of hair in under 30 seconds.

  • Apply In Under 30 Seconds

    No more wasted hours researching or trying out new products ever again. Just one 30 second application and your'e good to go all day.

  • Save Money

    No more wasting money on "Snake Oil Cures" or hats to cover up, without even considering the hair transplant!

  • Best Coverage Ever

    Natural ingredients give a natural looking finish, wind resistant, rain proof, sweat proof, anti-itch and nobody will ever know your'e wearing them.

  • Trusted

    Trusted in over 100,000 homes worldwide with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping. This is 100% environmentally friendly, as all the packaging is recyclable and we sell refill packs too!

In Under 30 Seconds You Can Have Thicker Fuller Natural Looking Hair

Erase the look of thinning hair without having to cover it up or risk cosmetic surgery. Simply get your 30 DAY SUPPLY of the HG Hair Fibre treatment for just £12.99 and FREE delivery.

Order today to get A 30 DAY SUPPLY of the HG hair fibre treatment and FREE UK DELIVERY.

This special offer is being made on a first come first served basis, while supplies last to introduce you to the NEW HG Hair Fibre treatment, the “#1 breakthrough that makes thin hair look thick again!”

Just Do It - Dr Max Pemberton Explains

"I work in mental health and I see a surprising number of men who confide in me that the distress they experienced from their hair loss has led to their mental health problems. Yet men rarely discuss openly how much upset their hair loss is causing them. It's a shameful secret”

“By the age of 50, half of all men will have noticeable hair loss. By the age of 60, it will affect around two thirds."

"It's so common, in fact,  it's actually more unusual not to go bald. Yet it causes untold distress and anguish to men. It's strongly associated with the development of depression, anxiety and poor self-image."​

"Anxieties around hair loss often get bound up and feed into insecurities about our appearance or low self-esteem. Single men often worry that they will never find a partner, and those with a partner worry that as they lose their hair their partners will stop finding them attractive."

Don't Believe Us? See It In Action!

Think Of This As Your All In One Solution For Male Hair Loss.

✓ No Special Effects

✓ No Specialist Hairdressers

✓ Real People

✓ Real Results

✓ Transformation in just 20 Seconds

Hair Genetics Hair Building Fibres Can Hide The Effects Of:

✓ Male Pattern Baldness

✓ Natural Male Hair Loss

✓ Excessive hair styling

✓ Stress-related temporary hair loss

✓ Chemotherapy

✓ Alopecia and other medical conditions

✓ And it can do it in 30 seconds flat!

Get Your's While Stocks Last

You can take at least 10 years off your appearance in just 30 seconds. That’s how long it takes to shake on Hair Genetics Fibres meaning your daily routine isn’t going to be affected.

Some spray-on hair coverage solutions, you can spot a mile off. But Hair Genetics gives you the natural look that’ll make people think hair loss? What hair loss?

Hair Genetics Advanced Keratin Hair Fibres hair solution is made just like the real thing. So it can resist the kinds of things that real hair has to handle all day – wind, rain, sweat.

Worried that your hair growth might be too small for Hair Genetics to work? Our fibres have the power to attach themselves to even the smallest hairs, so you can give yourself that full head of hair look, even with minimal real hair remaining.

You want your hair coverage to look the same when you get home at night as it did when you left home in the morning, right? With Hair Genetics Advanced fibre technology, it will.

Like we said earlier, there’s very little need to change your daily routines with Hair Genetics. The fibres wash out with regular shampoo during your daily shower.

There’s no applying anything nasty to your hair and scalp with Hair Genetics. It’s a 100% natural solution.

Shipped direct from the UK

100% money back guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Use it for a full thirty days. Experience the restored confidence for yourself and IF for any reason you’re not happy, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you brush your hair after applying Hair Genetics fibres?

    Yes! giving you hair a light combing after applying is fine.

  • Do you need to use an applicator pump when applying Hair Genetics?

    No, it’s really easy. All you need is to shake direct from the container.

  • Can you use hair gel or wax after applying Hair Genetics?

    Yes, you can. Just apply Hair Genetics to dry hair and then style as normal.

  • Will it work on totally bald heads?

    No, it needs to attach itself to actual hair follicles on your head.

  • Do you sell refill packs?

    Yes! They work out even cheaper to make sure you are looking great all the time.

  • Will I find colour to match my hair?

    Yes! We sell Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown and Dark Blonde. Whats more if we don't have a perfect match you can buy refill packs and mix your own colour!

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  • Better/equal quality at MUCH lower price for real!

    Better/equal quality at MUCH lower price for real!

    Just thought I’d give a quick five star for this stuff. I switched about six weeks ago from using the second most well known brand which cost three times as much. I didn’t have High hopes but thought it would be worth a try as the known brands cost so much. I can’t recommend this enough and my advice to anyone currently using an expensive brand is to just try one pot of this.... you won’t regret it. This is now an essential for me.

    - Iain Sinfield

  • It actually works

    It actually works

    I have tried other hair fibres but they didn't really work, this was a last attempt and it does really cover bald spots and best of all seems to last all day and the colour what a great match, will definitely be ordering a refill. The cost is reasonable as well.

    - Wongi

  • Awesome


    Originally bought to wind up a Balding friend. But the results are amazing! He’s bought extra himself.

    - Chris Austin

  • Wonderful Stuff!

    Wonderful Stuff!

    After a little practise it works very well and covers those thinning areas convincingly. Just tip your head forwards/downwards a little and sprinkle the fibres from around 12 inches above your hair for a natural looking cover. Should last you ages too.

    - Barry Gage

  • Brilliant Product!

    Brilliant Product!

    It's an amazing product for a fraction of the price of a well known brand.
    Blends easily with the hair and is not identifiable as something added on top to increase the hair density.
    Customer Service is also very good. I had a slight problem with my order for my own mistake and the company very kindly sent me a new product.

    I will be using this product now as cumulative savings over the number of years will definitely add up.

    - Pinder

  • Boost your hair without breaking the bank

    Boost your hair without breaking the bank

    Great value for money and works really well. Makes the hair look much fuller and people have commented on how much better my hair looks. Lasts for months too!

    - Frasier Purdie

  • Go for it, buy it!

    Go for it, buy it!

    Everyone noticed that my hair got thicker, and because of that it seems i have more hair. I'm very happy with the results, nothing bad to say about it. Fair price for a excellent product.

    - Alex

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